Welcome to Maplewood Silks!

The Vermont breeder of the amazing Havana Silk Dog

Our next breedings are planned for late Spring 2024. Contact us for more info.


Havana Silk Dogs are the best small companion breed there is! Hypoallergenic, smart, playful, and cuddly, they’re always ready for a romp in the yard or a snuggle on the couch.

Happiness is a warm puppy
Health Testing

We thoroughly health test all dogs before breeding them, as well as requiring they pass an independent conformation evaluation. We work to maintain & improve breed genome diversity in collaboration with BetterBred at UC Davis.

Optimal Early Learning

Happy, healthy dogs begin their lives in an environment optimized for their socialization and early learning. We follow the Avidog program to help bring out the best in our puppies.

Lifetime Breeder Support

Breeder support doesn’t end when you bring your puppy home – we remain available to consult on any questions or problems you may have for the entire life of your dog.

Our Family of Silks

Our breeding program selects for the most desirable traits, maximizing breed conformation and health, both physically and mentally. We use all tools available at our disposal to carefully select the optimal stud for each pairing. We participate in the BetterBred genomic database at UC Davis, allowing us to minimize inbreeding and preserve rare and unique genes of this wonderful breed.