About Us

We are a small, home-based breeder of Havana Silk Dogs hoping to share our love of this excellent rare breed by helping to create the next generation of champions! We carefully select breeding partners to maximize the genetic, physical, and mental health of the puppies we raise. All of our dogs undergo extensive health testing (hips, patella, eyes, ears, heart, bile acids, blood chemistry, and conformation to breed standard), as well as DNA testing through the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory BetterBred program.

Back to 2004

Our first Havanese, Cecilia (AKA “Silly”), joined our family in 2004. We had planned to breed her, and started her health testing. Ultimately life circumstances got in the way, and she remained just our family pet. During this time, however I earned my PhD in Horticulture with a focus on Plant Breeding from Cornell University. I have always been fascinated with genetics and breeding, and bring this knowledge to my dog breeding program.

Discovering Havana Silk Dogs

During our preparations for breeding Silly, her breeder told me how a new club was being formed – the Havana Silk Dog Association of America – and how her dogs were being transferred to that group. The goals of the HSDAA were to improve the health of the Havanese breed by requiring health testing for all breeding dogs. The new dogs were selected for flat and silky coats, straight legs, and overall health. 

A New Phase in Life

With our family getting older, we realized the time was right to return to our dream of breeding dogs. Silly was also getting older and her health was declining. We began the search for a show quality Havana Silk Dog puppy to bring into our lives. We found our new girl Prim, and joyfully added her to our family. Sadly, Silly passed away a few weeks after meeting her new baby sister.

Love for the Past, Hope for the Future

It was the end of an era – Silly was the first dog I got out in the “real world”, and she will always be special in my heart. She was the girl that showed me what an amazing breed of little dog we have in Havana Silks – and we are honored to be able to be a part of the future of the breed. Since becoming a breeder we have become deeply involved with breed improvement and preservation. Genetic testing enables us to minimize inbreeding and maximize diversity, all while screening for known health issues. I love to be a part of growing this amazing breed of small hypoallergenic dogs!

The future looks great!

Andrea Burke