Puppy Supplies:

New owners often ask me what supplies would be most useful to have on hand for their new puppies. Here are some of the products I use and recommend.



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Favorite Foods

We wean our puppies on a variety of high quality, nutritious food, including fresh meat. We prefer brands made in the USA or Canada over others. The quantity of food you feed your puppy may vary by brand, but the total quantity should be spread out into at least 2-3 meals. I prefer foods formulated for small breed puppies that are guaranteed to meet AAFCO nutruient profiles for “growth” or “all life stages”. We look for high protein content (22-32% of dry matter), a good fat balance (10-25% of dry matter), and proper calcium levels (0.7 – 1.7% – too much is NOT better!). We do not switch them to adult food until after their first birthday.


Some of our favorite puppy foods include:

Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Puppy

Now Fresh Grain-Free Small Breed Puppy

Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Puppy

Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Puppy
Now Fresh Small Breed Puppy
Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Puppy

Grooming supplies

I have had good luck with Chris Christensen products for grooming my dogs.

Best Puppy Brush:
 Chris Christensen Wood Pin Brush, 20 mm (Small, 7.5″): The soft wooden bristles feel nice on puppy’s delicate skin, and help them get used to regular brushing early on. The small size is best for Silk puppies.


Best Adult Brush: Chris Christensen Gold Series Pin Brush, 20 mm:Regular detangling is best done with a comb, but this brush is nice for between combing, while relaxing on the couch. I like the 20mm size.


Best Versatile Comb: Chris Christensen 006 5″ Face and Feet Buttercomb (I have three of these!): This is perfect for getting out tangles, especially around the face and ears. Weirdly, we’ve also found amazing off-label use as a tick remover – just place the fine tooth portion of the comb between tick and skin and brush them right out!


Best Detangling Comb:Chris Christensen 000 7.5″ Fine/Coarse Greyhound-Style Buttercomb: I use a bigger comb for everyday combing.


Favorite Shampoos & Conditioners:

Ice on Ice keeps their coats silky smooth and relatively tangle free.

Spectrum 10 is less intense detangling and a more gentle cleansing/everyday shampoo.

Favorite Brushing Spray: Brushing dry hair leads to breakage, every silk owner should have at least one good brushing spray. There are a lot of good ones out there, but here is one I like.

Favorite Intense Detangler: Perfect for hard to handle knots.  This can be diluted with water to make a spray.

Nail Clippers are a must! A weekly clipping will keep their nails at a reasonable length.

Crating and Pee Pads

For an adult Silk, a 24″ crate size is recommended. (Don’t forget the washable crate mat!) Some people prefer a smaller crate for the first few months while they are potty training, and upgrade to a bigger sized crate (or just a freestanding dog or human bed) later. 

Hard-wire and Soft-sided crates are both fine.

travel crate is a must for the car!

Litter Box: Many times, especially during inclement weather, Silks may prefer a dry spot to go potty. In their whelping room, we used a litter box  filled with dog litter, as well as pee pads (both washable cloth and disposable) to train our puppies. 

Leash, Harness, Stroller

I prefer harness-style collars for puppies, to protect their delicate growing necks. You will be sent home with a harness in their current size (XXS, XS, or S), but you will likely need another in a few months.


Many owners like to also have a Pet Stroller for when they take their Silks shopping, or anywhere dog friendly that they don’t want them roaming.

Rosie is featured here in her HPZ Pet Rover Luxury Carrier, Car Seat, & Stroller

Anything Else?

Don’t forget a few toys and treats to round out your collection of fun!